Dr. Amanda's passion is to truly get to the deepest root causes of illness.  She has discovered through her own journey of healing an autoimmune illness that healing doesn't have to be so difficult or feel so out of reach.  After trying diets, changing lifestyle,  detoxing, supplementing,  removing mercury from her teeth, addressing vaccine reactions, talk therapy, Bowen therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, exercises, energy work, cranial sacral, osteopathy, reiki, massage.  You name it, she has tried it and then trained in many of these modalities to deliver to her patients.  While all these things are important,  she has discovered how much more effective they became when she first addressed how stress was affecting her mind and body. 

Her research over the past 20 years has shown the clear link of STRESS to chronic mental/emotion and physical illness.    Her ongoing healing has led to a very deep and personal journey of self-discovery.  There is no more important factor in daily life that will dictate the direction of healing than how well one responds to stress.  An unhealthy response will fuel inflammation which underlies all chronic illnesses.  This understanding combined with extensive continuing education about the connection of trauma and chronic illness, as well as taking courses at Wilfrid Laurier University to complete her Trauma Certificate with the Department of Social Work, allowed her to maintain excellent health now and to teach this workshop from a Trauma-Informed Care perspective.   Her daily focus is to continue that learning and implement the discoveries in her own life to optimize the stress response.   She uses forms of mindful movement practiced daily from a place of self-awareness and connection to her true self which has led to being free of difficult symptoms and without the need for constant medication or supplements or treatments.  

This personal journey has also guided her development of her own style of Naturopathic treatment focusing on STRESS support as a foundation for healing ANY illness.  Supporting any other treatments or therapies patients are presently doing (chemo, supplements, diets, surgery, conventional drugs, etc), she works as part of a patient's health care team to help them change how their bodies respond to stress which will allow all other medical treatments to be more effective.  


 When a person can rewire their body to respond to stress in a more healthy way instead of reacting to

a constant sense of threat, healing is simplified substantially.  

She has had a local practice for the past 15 years and now delivers her Naturopathic Coaching and Counselling in an online program to help anyone with chronic illness.  She prides herself at being a wholehearted Mind-Body Medicine specialist helping people all over the world connect to their true healing potential.

She lives in Wellesley with her husband, Matt and three boys, Owen, Aiden and Eric.  She loves camping, being at the water,  running with her dog Marley, Yoga and exploring the world with her boys!  

She LOVES and welcomes deep discussion about life, consciousness, the divine and what it means to truly surrender and evolve into more and more of our true selves.  She is driven to do this work by those healing moments she has experienced with her patients and friends where they are able to truly let go of the past and move confidently to the future.   There is simply nothing more compelling than those experiences of connection.