l e a r n

      m o v e   &

            n o u r i s h

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A day just for you:

  • Discover the NEW science of Stress and how to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a whole new light.  Evidence-based concepts from leading researchers mixed with practical applications are synthesized into this 4-hour workshop

  • Bring your mat and enjoy the coordinated mindful movement sessions in-between learning sessions 

  • A local chef will prepare a fresh selection of offerings for brunch and lunch to round out the day.

Date :  April 18th , 2020  8am-5pm

Location:  61 Welwood Ave, Wellesley 

Cost:  $200

What to bring: Yoga mat, comfortable clothing, water bottle

What's Provided:  A spacious home set up with tables for the lectures and a separate studio space for comfortable movement.  


Naturopathic Doctor and Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND


Three sessions of Address Your Stress Workshop  with Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND which includes:

  • “Your Brain On Stress” is a detailed explanation of how stress is processed in the brain using Dr.Dan Seigel MD’s hand model of the brain.  Examples of how stress sabotages our thinking and how to tame the “animal mind” are given. 

  • Recognizing the Fight/Flight/Freeze response and how to better regulate the mind and body.  A map of how the autonomic nervous system operates will be drawn

  • Understanding how trauma affects the nervous system.  Dr. Stephen Porge’s Polyvagal Theory is explained simply with self-inventory practical exercises.

  • The Heart’s Electromagnetic role in health. The Heart/Brain Connection is explained by understanding the role of the Vagus nerve.   

  • Practical applications like the Heart Math™ tool and app that provides instant biofeedback on how the body is regulating stress. Practical, simple movement, mindful meditations and breathing exercises are practiced together throughout the workshop to solidify the teaching.

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Yoga Instructor

Shelley Cullen Heipel

Explore the calming effects of breath with mindful movement. Learn to transition between active focus and breath guided relaxation.

  • Discover the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Learn movement sequences that will take you out of your busy head.

  • Slowly unwind the mind & the body to think clearly and move with ease.

  • Enjoy simple meditations you can practice on your own.

Gourmet Appetizer

Explore your senses

Local Chef

The Chef will be here preparing delicious offerings for lunch and brunch just for you.