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address your stress Masterclass

A short version of my masterclass to help wrap your mind around the concept of shifting from focusing on your story about stress and getting into training your body out of feeling and BEING stressed.   A BIG mindset shift that sets the stage for healing faster from chronic illness

The 3 Step Stress extinguishing process

A simple process you can adopt in your life throughout your day to help manage stress.

Storm Clouds

Grounding Meditation

by Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

Grounding Anchoring Meditation1Artist Name
00:00 / 07:24

Use this short meditation if you are needing to help ground yourself when you feel overwhelmed.   This is more of an exercise, rather than an focus to stop thought.  The focus here is to slow down your body and get out of fight/flight or freeze.

Free Yoga

Quick Meditation

by Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

Quick MeditationArtist Name
00:00 / 07:37

When you don't have time for a full Yoga class to reset your mind and body, but you need to focus your mind to make a decision or have an important conversation, check out this short meditation you can do anywhere.


Meditation for Compassion

by Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

Meditation for Compassion for OthersArtist Name
00:00 / 13:49

Sometimes its really hard to reach that state of "being with" a situation and not stuck in a state of reacting/fighting against/wishing it was different.  Sometimes "time" itself isn't even enough to help you find peace.  Sometimes the feelings just stay strong despite time.  This is a meditation to help detach from the experience and the feelings in a "conscious" way that allows your inner being, your true nature to heal apart from the notice surrounding the difficult situation.  The process of reaching compassion is about allowing an inner part of you to come forth, not get rid of the part of you that's in pain.  Notice how you can be two things at the same time.   Angry/mad/sad  AND compassionate. 

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