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The 8-week online guided transformational program

facilitated by Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

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The foundation of the program is to give you the NECESSARY knowledge of the recent neuroscience advances that make overcoming stress simpler.  Easy-to-watch videos describe the basic understanding everyone needs to have to adopt realistic, healthy ways to balance their nervous system and heal chronic illness.

When you understand WHY your brain and body behave the way they do (everything is to protect you) it takes the fear and blame away from you and allows you to get to work healing the parts of your that have been damaged by life's stress.

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Movement and Meditation

The gamechanger when it comes to managing stress in a healthy way in your life is when you give up the need to continually analyze your situation and focus on rebalancing your nervous system first".  You recognize that you think and act differently under stress and if you want to find positive, favourable solutions to life's problems, you're not going to find them while you're in a  full stress reaction.  The only way to do this is to "get into your body" with a form of movement and meditation that works for you to physiologically balance your nervous system and put you into your "zone of genius", which means your nervous system is perfectly balanced in between the sympathetic and parasympathetic states.  

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Naturopathic Coaching

Anyone can be taught a technique, a process or given a book to read, but to realistically apply this information into your own life is the heart of this program.  The coaching sessions are beyond just "talk therapy" or asking you, "how does that make you feel", they are 1 hour of walking through the process of "getting out of your head and into your body " with how it relates to your own personal issues.  The sessions help you develop and personalize all the knowledge so that it becomes your own unique skill that will serve to help you heal your illness and also to prevent illness in the future.  

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