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Nervous System Rebalancing


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The New Innovative Way To Manage STRESS

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Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND specializes in teaching her patients and students to develop their o

  • Less Fatigue!

  • Less Irritability!

  • More Productivity!

  • More  Creativity!

  • AND Increase Your Ability to HEAL from chronic illness!

Whether you have a health challenge to overcome, are struggling to thrive in your work or family life, your success directly correlates to the health or your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

By this, I mean your's body's ability to adapt to stressful situations (not get overwhelmed)  AND still be able to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically. This is what makes the difference for those that heal and those that stay stuck.  Your body's response to stress is everything, even if you can't change the circumstances around you.

Through training and personalized support, you will discover a

3 Step Stress Extinguishing Process that allows you to:

  • RECOGNIZE when your body is becoming overwhelmed by stress.

  • RESET your Nervous System to a focused, energized and regulated functional state.

  • REPEAT techniques and skills to help you maintain an optimal state of balance. ​



Work privately with  Dr. Amanda using her progressive coaching method where you'll discover how to  "get out of your head and into your body".  These sessions are experiential, teaching by doing the work together, not just  asking you, "how does that make you feel?"  Together we define your goals, intentions, and your own unique path to healing that allows you to conquer stress.

Movement & Meditation

Develop a personalized practice that allows you to deeply experience the shift from overwhelming negative emotions to powerfully positive ones.

  Cultivate this practice multiple times a day in a small, progressive, practical way, that actually fits into your busy lifestyle and experience the improvement in your overall health.

Support and Accountability

Cultivate a  personalized stress transformation plan that is unique to your needs and ability. With the right guidance and support healing can be much simpler than you might have thought.  Big health changes come when you can repeat an improved stress response on a daily basis

Lifestyle Support

Address the most stressful aspects of your life: (work, home, relationships, exercise ,  food) by first taming the stress response in your own mind and body.  Then you will  find your optimal state of cognition and intuitive problem solving.

Mind-Body Medicine


Be truly empowered by discovering the latest research on chronic stress and trauma.   With new knowledge and health mindset balancing your nervous system is simpler than ever.


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Dr. Chris Sowton

Dr. Amanda is such a guide. Her compassion and wide-ranging experience enable her to accompany people on a journey of growth and change. She is more than a doctor, she is an expert at teaching and sharing practices that can open the way to healing and the return to wholeness.

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Linda S

It wasn’t until shortly after we met that I saw the true capabilities of Dr. Amanda. I was diagnosed with a critical illness that turned my life upside down. I come from a very loving and supportive family but there were some things I didn’t want to burden them with, so I leaned heavily on Dr. Amanda. She always greeted me with open arms and an open heart. I was able to share my fears and sadness with her and she always listened to me without judgement. Dr. Amanda responds with truth and compassion. She heard things that were unsaid and always guided me to the answers I needed to hear. She helped me get through the most difficult time in my life and continues to help me on my journey of ups and downs. Thank you Amanda. 

Lori D.

After being sick with auto-immune issues for over three decades this is the FIRST program that has made a difference.  A difference in my sleep, anxiety, bodily aches and general well being -- with no gimmicks, no supplements and no add-ons to buy.