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Meditation 1 Video

If you think you have never formally meditated before, you'll be happy to know that you actually probably have!    It may seem like a strange idea or have some weird connotations for you, but in essence, meditation is simply putting yourself into a certain state of mind.  We do this all day.  Sometimes we are hyped up and stressed and raring to go, sometimes we are reflective and pensive, sometimes we are zoned out and dazed.  These all relate to the activity level in your brain. 

High Beta- Stressed.



We move through these patterns all day.   We are injured by stress when we stay in the High Beta state too long and too often.  Meditation happens in the slower states of alpha and hypnosis happens it in the Theta state.  The same state you reach just before you fall asleep each night.  Delta is a deep sleep.    But some people are able to reach the  Gamma state during meditation and have profound experiences. 

When you are learning meditation I think it's helpful to think of daily life mostly alternating between  High Beta and Beta and when you meditate you are trying to slow both your body and mind down enough to move out of the Sympathetic State and into the Parasympathetic Nervous system state. ... where all the organizing and healing happen in your body.  Ideally, the beginning of meditation happens in the Alpha state.  Then when you start to be able to let go into more relaxation and bliss, you'll move into theta.   There is also the Gamma state, which is the fastest of all states, but the most organized, and profoundly high performing state of the human mind.  This is what expert meditators reach when they can sit there in bliss for hours.   


So with that in mind, watch this video about how to get started meditating and using the meditations in the Program.


This easy meditation is set to music that will help to put your mind in a state of "Alpha", which will move you out of the high stress state.   It is this calm state you are looking to achieve each time you meditate or do a deep relaxation.  The volume on your analytical mind is turned way down, and you are "just being in the moment".    

For now, choose this type of meditation for when you are feeling that your mind and body are "too busy" to fall asleep or relax and you need to "turn down the volume" on all the days events and thoughts.  Choose this meditation for when you want to slowly relax all your muscles and wind down.  


As always, popping in a pair of headphones and being alone in a quiet room is the best way to do meditations.  

Grounding Meditation Audio

The exercise is meant to do with your eyes open and is meant to be used when you are feeling overwhelmed by an intense emotion and can't seem to focus on anything else.  This is for when you need to connect your body back to the earth and to the present moment.  You'll need a chair or a mat and some space.  If you can get your bare feet directly onto the ground or the grass, that would be ideal.  But anywhere you can feel safe and at ease is the best. 

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