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Exercises-  The STress Tests, Module 1 Journal


  The Stress Response. 

Over the course of this week, work your way through the videos and exercises.  The first teaching video is about an hour and the Exercise Video is about 20 min.  

The first step in being able to use the Stress Balancing Method effectively is to understand stress from a scientific knowledge point of view.  Then we will work to understand it from an experiential point of view in the Yoga and Meditation Sections.  The exercises are very helpful to build your sense your self-awareness.  

Download and print the Exercises and the Journal page to record your answers.  Watch the videos first, then complete the exercises.  (approx 1/2 hr for each)

There is an overview video to meditation and 3 Guided Meditations included in this week's Module.  Feel free to do them as many times as you like.  My hope for you is that you would begin to Meditate for 10 min each day at least.  But I can guarantee you that that will be an easy task once you really start to enjoy it and crave it.

Let's get moving and meditating together.  

I am so delighted to be participating in your wellbeing and offering you my support.

The Healing REsponse:

Start here!   A video about adopting a mindset towards your health that will serve you better.  Do you truly believe you have the ability to heal anything?  Or do you believe you must find the right medicine or doctor to heal you?  Or worse yet, do you believe you must suffer?  Time to dive right in and start working on your beliefs and thought patterns to start turning your health around.



Teaching One Video  (Module One The Stress REsponse including Animal Response Video)

My first goal here in this Module is to give you a whole new understanding of what is happening in your body when you are under stress.  There is also substantial stress created in your body even when you are just thinking about the things that make you unhappy.  You are here to discover HOW to become aware of that stress and how to change it.  

So  STEP 1 - Understand Stress.  

For me, when I really understood why my body produced the symptoms and why I felt the way I did... it made all the difference.  I realized my body, my nervous system, my STRESS response is always on my side and working in my favour.  When I'm all stressed out, worried and anxious, my symptoms (headaches, muscle tension) are an exact reflection of my thoughts and experiences.  My body was never wrong!   The key comes in appreciating how amazing your body is at responding to stress and that if you want it to be different, you MUST  change your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs.

Then we'll move on to STEP 2 -  which is Exercise 1 to assess where we are in that stress response and become aware of how stress is affecting us.   

The Pendulum video

Module 1 Exercises  (video 2 exercise 1 stress tests)

Please watch this video as you fill in your Module 1 Journal Page (print from exercise section).  The actual questionnaires are  in the Exercise section as well.  You don't have to print this out, you can just follow along online).   


***Please note in the video I talk about two questionnaires called the GAD-7 and the PQH-9 that I have removed from the Module.  So just ignore that part when I talk about it in this video!!  

Video for Grounding and Anchoring

Moving Beyond Your Story  (video from documents)

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