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The autonomic nervous system   Exercises   Meditations  Yoga

Last week the focus was on the Sympathetic Nervous System and our "fight and flight" response when danger is perceived in the brain.   This system is only one part of the Autonomic Nervous System.  When you are able to signal your mind and body that the threat is over then our body shifts into Rest and Relax Mode or the Parasympathetic Nervous System.  This balance between the two systems will dictate your health and longevity.  So understanding how to achieve a better balance in essential.  

If there are many symptoms of too much stress (headaches, muscle tension, sleep digestion issues, anxiety, depression, autoimmunity, heart disease, cancer, etc, etc.) then there is an imbalance in this system.  It has likely happened very slowly and not by anyone's intent.  But using the tools of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga, it is possible to shift the balance back to entering the Parasympathetic State more often and entering the only mode in which the body can heal.     

Video 1 Module 2

The Autonomic Nervous System



Exercises:  Module 2 Journal Download












                                                                                                                                                           Signalling the Threat is Over Video




















Heart Coherence

What is Heart Coherence?   

Its the vibrational state the body can attain when the rhythms of the heart, brain, respiratory and blood pressure systems are in perfect harmony.  It is created by a 3 step method.  Why do this?  When you reach a state of heart coherence you know you have effectively shut off the fight or flight response.  That means you are telling your body, there is no present threat, and it can refocus energy and attention on inner processes.  

1300 biochemical markers including increases in immune function, hormonal balance will be TURNED ON and begin to signal genes in a whole new way.   This is the optimal state in which your body can heal.   


1) Find a place of safety and quiet  

2) Place your hand over your heart and concentration on your actual heart

3) Breath, feeling the air move in and out of your chest and heart.

4) Receive a feeling of appreciation, gratitude, love, compassion.

5) Sit and Soak in the feeling that is creating in your body.  



This a  short video by Gregg Braden, an engineer, and geologist who studies cultures around the world that practise techniques like heart coherence.  His teaching and work have had a profound effect on my own meditation practice.

This is a video of what Heart Coherence is for me... When the wave peaks and breaks... the feeling is amazing.  

















Exercise 1 Heart Coherence

An explanation of Heart Rate Variability, the only measure that will tell you fairly accurately how well you are doing at shifting yourself from sympathetic to parasympathetic activity.  Its a simple, easy measure anyone can do from home.  





Setting your Intention Video

A short description of how and why to set an intention.  This is so important if you want to see change faster!  

Download the PDF to follow along and make your notes.





Meditation Teaching 1 Video 





Last week I described the basics of Meditation and some research about it.  Hopefully, you were able to try out for yourself.  Meditation is not a subject to understand... its an experience to HAVE.  It's like explaining the feeling of swimming or flying or riding a bike to someone.  Talking only gets you so far.  You have to try it, tweak it, push yourself, trust, and just...go.  









Meditation Teaching 2  



























Here are some questions answered by another expert in Meditation.  Dr. Joe Dispenza studies the effects on the brain while people are meditating.  He runs workshops all over the world where people gather for week-long events and learn the depths of meditation and how it changes the brain.  He shares stories of people who have to spend weeks/months doing this work of connecting to their inner being, meditating, and resetting their nervous systems.  They share stores of healing cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, effects of stroke, etc.  You can watch lots of his videos on You Tube.

But for now, I'd like to share this video which helps explain more about what you can expect with doing meditation regularly and how to deepen the meditative state.  

He answers these three questions 


1.  What is the best type of Meditation?   0.49 sec-2:13 sec

2. How long does it take to see the effects of Meditation on your body?  2:39-5:37

3. How do you know when you've really attained a meditative state that is effective?  

5:57-10:21 sec
























Heart Coherence is the orderly, synchronization of the heart, brain and other systems in the body.  It is associated with an elevated emotional state, focused on emotions such as love, compassion, appreciation, and gratitude.  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measure of how well your nervous system functions.  When you are in Heart Coherence"  you get the highest HRV results and research shows you have less risk for disease.

In this video, I'll explain HRV and show you an APP you can use to measure your own and practice to get attain a higher HRV yourself.  We will try out the "Quick Coherence Technique" that you can use anytime you need to center yourself or ground yourself.  


Heart Math Website with "Quick Coherence Technique"

Some HRV apps:

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