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Module 2 Meditations

A simple meditation to relax your body, slow your mind down and create your intention.   Having a set intention is so important when you aren't comfortable with where you are right now.  If there is a situation or an emotion that is really difficult at the moment, this meditation is to help you turn off your busy mind and thoughts, so you can hear what your inner guidance is saying to you.  Because you can be SURE that information is 100% right 100% of the time.  You just need to able to hear it.  

Audio Creating Your intention Meditation



Think of using this meditation when you are feeling unsettled, anxious and needing to unwind.  Also when you want to align yourself with strong qualities you would like to have when you are trying to do something new or difficult.  It's a meditation to tap into the unique inner strengths that will guide you forward.    In order to move forward, you have to KNOW where you're going and WHY.  Many of us just keep tickin' along day by day, not always realizing that being stuck is partly because we aren't clear on where we WANT to go.   Use this meditation to help you get clarity and intention.




Audio Creating your Intention 


As we've discussed the Heart Coherence Technique and what it means to have your heart and brain "in synch", here is an audio of 0.1 Hz, that pure frequency.  It wouldn't be considered a really relaxing meditation, but it is very powerful music for your brain and heart.  But try sitting in a short meditation, (2-3 min) and just listen to it and try to see if you can "feel" it in your body and notice what happens.  Do you like it?  Is it strange?  Does it make you relax or discomfort?  No right or wrong answer... just to try something different and notice what happens.  

Compassion Meditation

Are you empathetic?  Do you feel the pain of others?  Animals?  Does it overwhelm you? Do you carry it around with you feeling like you want to do more but not sure what to do? 

I hear you.    As a highly sensitive person, I have had to find the "fine line" between hearing and seeing others pain and suffering and not taking it on myself.  The game changer for me was when I realized that if I do take it on and become lost in my own emotional turmoil, then I am useless to them as a help and support.  

When I was a lifeguard we learned to approach our drowning victim with our outstretched foot, so that if they grabbed us we could push them away and get away.  We were to approach from behind and grab their arms.  No is better off if we're both going down.  As a healing leader, I've learned how to "hold the space" for the highest version of a person that they can be and mirror back that person to them.  Not tell you why what you're doing is bad.  You already know that.  

So it is vitally important that you learn to create boundaries between you and pain and suffering, no matter if it's yours or someone else's.  If someone is starving right beside you and you have food, do you stop eating too so they don't' feel so bad?  NO!  you split your food and you both eat.  Or better yet, you use your strength and wellbeing to help them learn to grow/find ways to eat that they can eat for a lifetime.  The stronger you are, the more help you will be in the long run. 

When you lose your boundaries and are flooded with pain, empathy, and all the immense negative images of what someone is going through, you suffer more as well.  And then you're both at a disadvantage.  It is not cold and callus to steer around this feeling or view it without letting it envelop you.   Knowing that you have a higher purpose to ultimately help, you can do this with a clear conscious, I believe.  

With that said, if you have a person, event, image in your mind that you are struggling to let go of or "get a handle on".  Even if it's your own child, you can learn to hold true compassion without overwhelming emotion.  For compassion is a perfect mix of understanding the reality, with a commitment to help.   There is nothing in there saying you have to FEEL the pain they feel in order to be effective help.  

This meditation helps you visually separate the feelings and move them consciously out of your immediate emotional "holding tank".  So you can view another's suffering and then see the solution clearly.  If you feel pain and negativity, then you won't have a good solution, you'll have a "stress solution".  Which as we've seen is about running, hiding or fighting or freezing.  Even if this is happening to you now, you can learn to move beyond this... but you must have compassion for yourself first. 


Audio Meditation for Compassion for Others



Meditation for Compassion for Others
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