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Module 3  

This Module is focused on the structures of the brain that are involved in our amazing stress response.  So much new research has come out over the past 10 years with the advancements in imaging studies of the brain.  Researchers have seen the differences in how a brain of those affected by trauma (emotional), addiction and even meditation!  The real shift though has happened in the way "problems" are viewed.  It used to be all about a lack or dysfunction of chemicals.  Depression = too little serotonin, Therefore take a drug that affects serotonin.  But now the focus is more on forming new neural connections in the brain (Neuroplasticity) which will, in turn, fix your chemical problem.  As in, instead of dealing with the problem at middle management, go right to the CEO and fix the problem from the top down.

So I hope you enjoy this overview of the 3 Key Areas of the brain that will help us understand our experience of "Stress" and how we can view them in a new way to help us.


This video includes a teaching tool by Dan Seigal called the Hand Model of the Brain.  I've included a written exercise of it in the Exercise Section  

Video  Your brain on stress   Print Module 3 Journal























Use this PDF of the Hand Model of the Brain to Follow along with the video above

Video The Personalized Stress Plan

This video outlines an exercise that you can download and complete along with me.  The Stress Transformation Plan is our overall goal of the program, that you would leave here with a greater sense of awareness of what therapies, exercises and supports work best for you, depending on what you want to heal.  So firstly, we must get clear on what you want.  And that is a process... of getting into "the space" where you can ask the question and actually hear a clear answer from your inner voice/inner guidance.  So be kind and gentle to yourself as you work through these tough questions.  If you don't know your answer, then just move on.  Maybe you don't need to know or maybe you just aren't ready to hear.  Just try to be as open as you can to receive your own answers.  

This is an exercise we can work through on our group calls or our private call to help you get more clear on what you're looking for






















This short video explains the short worksheet in the Exercise section below.  

Video Assessing Levels of Need  and PDF

Meditation 3 Video

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