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An Explanation about the Quick Meditation:

Quick Meditation Audio

A guided meditation to help ease the pain of old wounds.   Lowering the stress response when you are having a memory or a painful feeling about your past is the most important thing to do.  Many people feel they need to "get rid of the memory" or somehow be "okay" with what has happened.  But this shouldn't be the focus of healing or else you will continue to battle your own inner survival/protection system that is saying you need to do something about the threat you are feeling right NOW.   Understand that your pain is not about the PAST, it's about the feeling you are getting in THIS present moment that there is a threat to you RIGHT now.  Your animal brain doesn't remember ANYTHING from the past.  It just gets a signal in real-time (a thought, a memory, a feeling) that something is amiss and sets off your stress reaction.  Remember, it's just like a reptile...not that smart.  But your cortex IS that smart and if you can settle the reptile part of your brain you'll get access to your higher functioning smart part of your brain.  

So try to keep that in mind as you go through the meditation... relax into the knowledge that your body knows how you heal you and all you have to do is settle that stress reaction.  

The "Let Go" Breath

Quick teaching on the "Let Go Breathe".   To learn to capture the "feeling" of "let go" we need to practice it.  We all know we want to let go of things, but often lack the skill to actually follow through with the act.  It is not for lack of desire or commitment, but usually, we just imagine what it would be like without the problem/person/symptom in our lives.  But the step to let it go from our grasp is often missed because its confusing.   

Think about going skiing.  You can imagine your body on skis, going down a hill and believe you want to do it and want to arrive at the bottom of the hill.  But until you have experienced skiing, you just can't quite FEEL what it's like to slide downhill at that speed and what it's like to move your arms and body in a way that will allow you to get down the hill.  So it's an EXPERIENCE  to have and to practice in order to get where you want to go.  So is letting go.  So using a breathing technique to FEEL the FEELing of letting go will help you then use that same feeling in real life when you say you want to let go of a fear or anger.  It's the same feeling.     You think you have to do work but in reality the less work and forcing you to do..the better.  

We often equate the amount of anger and fear that we have with the amount of work we probably have to do to let it go.  But in fact, again, it's just the opposite.  Its no work at all.  Feel how your body guides the air right out and then stimulates you to pull air in again.  

Let your body lead you.


In this video, I mention doing this breath 30 times, BUT I want to make the caution that you could become light-headed by this breathe, so ONLY do what feels good.   Please start with 5 or 6 and work up to what feels right for you!

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