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Mediation Yoga Module 4

This week's video is a combo of a few short yoga poses then straight into a meditation.   The most fundamental counteracting force of cravings and addictions is the act of SELF COMPASSION, a practice that is not really celebrated in our culture.  More people feel are carrying a sense of self-indifference all the way to a sense of self-disgust or hatred.   That kind of foundation is a breeding ground for addictions and cravings. 

In the most basic sense, a craving happens when we feel some sort of anxiety, then want to distract ourselves or move away from that uncomfortable feeling.  If you can accept and learn to tolerate some anxiety and discomfort when you are trying to change and grow, then you will be able to overcome your craving, and your Conscious Brain will win. 

Only when we get into the Present MOMENT can we find this tolerance and acceptance of ourselves just as we are.   

Old Beliefs to Compassion Meditation   AUDIO

AUDIO-- SEATing Yoga Sequence:

When you are feeling really comfortable with these poses, try out this meditation to guide you through the postures, then lay in a meditation at the end.  

Remember to listen to your body.  Stop and Start as you feel.  The purpose is to reach and FEEL for that aligned, centered place where you feel like you are starting to "float" and let go of thoughts.  Keep reaching for that feeling where your body just gives way to a place of overwhelming love, bliss and peace.  Keep trusting that you'll find this place.  It is actually your natural state of being.  Your body knows how to take you there.


Child's Pose

Gate Pose

Bridge Pose

Fish Pose

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