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Module 5  Trauma   Exercises  Meditation  Yoga

I believe this is the most important teaching module of this program.  I think more people are suffering from unresolved traumas than we realize.  Some misconceptions about traumatized people are related to an idea of PTSD and an inability to cope with life.  These people are usually stigmatized and given special treatment in society.  But you do not have to suffer from PTSD to have suffered the ongoing effects of unresolved trauma.   Our human ability to cope and adapt for survival are immense.  It's very common to find that people lives may look pretty on the surface, but there still may be a tremendous amount of pain and suffering going on behind closed doors.  

This module is to help understand the nature and effects of traumatic experiences and how we are equipped to heal.


Here is an interview with an expert who studies Trauma and Chronic Illness.  This video provides a definition and some basics on how to assess your own life and history with trauma.   Video Dr Mead What is trauma

What is Trauma

This is such a huge amount of information to digest, I've divided my teaching video into a few parts.  Please take days or even a week to watch it, digest it and respond to it!

Video Trauma 1

How the Brain Stores Trauma   Trauma 2


All right lets look at what's happening in the brain when your body has experienced a trauma.  Remember the reason to learn this is to keep decreasing your fear.  If trauma has caused your body to go into a state of freeze, ofshut down, I'm sure you are aware of how it feels when you are reminded or triggered by things in your world.  Its like you re-experience the trauma all over again!   So in order to break the cycle and start coming out of the state of freeze, or constant fight or flight, we need to understand it.  That has an incredibly normalizing and comforting effect for people.  You are not alone, and you are not broken.  Your body has a strategy to keep you safe and now you can be aware of that and learn to tell your body,  "its okay, its over, I am safe.".   When you truly FEEL this down to every cell in your body, you will naturally start to heal.

How the Brain Handles Trauma Traum 3

Here is the last part to the teaching about Trauma.  Your brain has a system in place that is designed to handle trauma.   Once you understand how this system works, you can use it to your full advantage and heal faster and more completely.

Exercise  My Story Shifter  - Video My Story Shifter PDF

Meditation  Meditation 5 Teaching Video

Releasing Trauma AUDIO

Old Wounds Meditation  AUDIO

This is a short set of guidelines that I have talked about in the Teaching Video Traumatic Experiences.  Just a quick print out for the basic ideas I propose for helping you ease yourself into a healing momentum.    HEAling Trauma Blueprint PDF

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