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SUurrendur to Healing   VIDEO


The concept to surrender is in DIRECT opposition to your body's natural response to trauma and stress.   The fight or flight response dictates that you curl up, bunker down, get your defenses up and NEVER SURRENDER!   But healing requires that you do surrender.  So then what?   The key is in what you are surrendering TO.  You don't surrender to your disease or pain or to allowing someone to continue to trigger your pain, you surrender to yourself!   You surrender to your higher guidance, your inner being, your inner light, your divine soul... whatever you want to call it... you surrender to the deepest, truest part of you that knows how to guide to all the way to healing.    The movement of Yoga helps you to do this.  

These two authors/teachers are some of the original therapists who helped to coin the term "Trauma Informed or Sensitive Yoga".  It basically means that when you set the intention to "get busy" and start moving your body and PAYING ATTENTION to your body.... things begin to happen.  And if you are someone who has experience a trauma and have not had the time/ability/resources to process that trauma, it is likely trapped in your body in the form of tension and chronic inflammation.  When you attempt to get this tension moving, it can release a flood of emotions at the same time, which can be scary and overwhelming.  

Here's a clip of these two experts in the field giving some more explanation.

Overcoming Traum Though Yoga

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