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Module 6  Meditation Yoga

Intro to Dreamwork  Video with Chris

Print out these Dreamworking steps and use them to follow along with the video in the Teaching Section.  

PDF Dreamworking Worksheet 

Welcome to week 6 Curiosity and Imagination, an in-depth look at the Dreamreading Technique with Dr. Chris Sowton, ND.   I am excited to help you expand on the healing and balancing power of purposely becoming more curious and imaginative in your approach to daily life.  Stress shuts down these most important tools that will kick into high gear when we are relaxed and at ease enough.  Solutions to our problems,  resolutions to relationship challenges and igniting synchronicities all begin with opening up your imagination to new levels of insight.  So many opportunities lay just outside of our view when we are living in "fight or flight" mode.   

This video has the main content about Curiosity and Imagination as well as the discussion with Dr. Chris about how to do dreamwork on your own dreams.  There is a page of notes in the Exercise Section that goes along with this video outlining the main ideas of Dreamwork.    Video 1 Imagination and curiosity

This video and PDF  (busting through your limitation)  is to introduce you to our first Exercise Busting Through your Limitations.  We all have things we decide we can't do or accomplish or have based on a limitation we continue to reinforce.  Either we say no to things we actually want, or we do not allow certain things to come into our lives because we live by certain statements.  For example, "I can't have that because it costs too much"  or "I can't do that because I'm not good at it"  or " I could never be good at that because of my past experiences".  The list is endless... and most often its buried and repeated deep in our subconscious minds.  We become blind slaves to them.

I believe the solution doesn't have to be that difficult.  I believe you can shift these "stories' we tell ourselves simply by starting to tell a new story.  You don't have to travel back through your history and drudge up every place you learned these stories and blame the people who helped you to create them.  You can simply take hold of the power that you have in this present moment and tell your new story.  Then practice it, ritualize it, memorize it, visualize it, tap into it, embody it, feel it, sense it, smell, taste and hear it.  And it's yours.  Instantly yours.

Exercise 2  Imagining Your Healing (PDF) is to help you get to the place where you can FEEL the feeling of being a healed person.  Nothing changes until your energy changes around a subject.  So this exercise is designed to help you shift the focus AWAY from fighting symptoms or trying to simply alleviate them.  Our entire medical system is symptom-focused and aims to conquer or "get rid of" or stop a certain problem.  There is definitely a time and place for medicine and pain relief, but this exercise helps you go beyond that and figure out how to shift your energy from one of fighting or resisting to one of allowing and receiving wholeness and health.  

You can print out the worksheet for this exercise in the Exercise section.  Exercise 2 imagining Your Healing

Teaching Video for Meditation 6

Diving even deeper into Meditation and how using our imaginations and getting really curious will help move past the first stage of Meditation which is self-regulation.  When beginning Meditation its all about trying to settle your body, let your thoughts slow down and relax your muscles.  But after that, what's next?  What is beyond relaxation?  What could possibly be so interesting that it could hold Monks or Nuns or Olympic meditators for hours and hours at a time?   Are you curious?  

LoAt first you might feel this is "weird" or "flaky" or "mushy"... but give it a try in the privacy or your home... see what you experience.  Give yourself just a moment and then give a name to the feelings that come up.  (e.g. uncomfortable, weird, unfamiliar, etc)... then keep trying it and see if it softens into feeling more normal, familiar and beautiful.  How would it feel if you were to be talking to your 5-year-old self?

Imagine Your Healing Meditation AUDIO

This 30 min meditation has two sections where there is only music for you to relax and enjoy!  So its part guided, part music only.  

Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are." - Erich Schiffmann

 Yoga Video  Yoga Week 6 Yoga Intro

YOGA  Video  Simple Moon Salutation Walk through

A simple walkthrough of a moon salutation.  Again, this is just the mechanics and the technical aspects of the Yoga.  Try this sequence a few times until you can move through it on your own without prompting. and checking your position.  It should feel easy and natural.  When you can close your eyes, focus on your breath and work on the feeling of RELEASE, then add the accompanying meditation. 


Release Definition:  allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.  


Where are you holding tension?  Where are you holding your body in a state of strain?  Look around your body for those areas and use your release out of each pose to open up your body....create the space for healing, create the space for allowing.  

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