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Module 7  Meditations Yoga

The science of Epigenetics and the Placebo Effect can give you the proof that you can heal yourself... of anything.  Emotional/mental or physical, if you can believe it, and FEEL it, then you can heal it.  I hope you can bring this to mind the next time you feel like a situation is going out of control or overwhelming you.  All you have to do it switch your nervous system out of Fight or Flight and put your attention on things and feelings that will signal the genes for health and healing!  

VIDEO 1 Module 7 Epigenetics

Here is the explanation for the Exercise in the section below.  You can print out the PDF and follow along with this video.   Exercise 1 The Environment  + PDF


Intro to Epigenetics with Dr. Bruce Lipton


The Placebo Effect is a known phenomenon occurring during scientific studies where one group is given an actual medicine or surgery and another control group is given a sugar pill or sham surgery.  Neither group knows what they are receiving during the study.  Research has shown that anywhere from 10-100% of people will totally heal their condition over 6-8 weeks of the study.   So that means that they believed they were getting the medicine that would heal them so their own bodies produced the hormones and chemicals that healed their condition.  WOW!   This proves the fact that we can heal ourselves by thought alone.  This is why it is so powerful to overcome the effects of stress to allow your body to heal.


"The Pose Begins When You Want To Come Out Of It"  BKS Iyengar



This is a very "unguided" yoga and meditation audio.  The idea is that sometimes its nice to just follow what someone else says and be guided... and then sometimes it's good to take that time and space and learn to follow your own impulses.  No matter how much Yoga you know you can move through a sequence of your favourites.  No pressure, no timeline...just move and breathe.  Let the thoughts and worries of the day slip away and let your body come to rest.  This audio is just a few prompts for Yoga, some questions, some guidance.  Otherwise, I hope its just background for you to create your own sequence.  Enjoy!

AUDIO  Yoga meditation Music week 7

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