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Module 8  Energy Centers

Energy Centers Video

Taken from:

First Energy Center - Safety

Video 1St Energy Center

The Sacral Chakra==Creativity

Video 2nd Energy Center

The Solar Plexus Chakra- Personal Power

Video 3rd Chakra

The Heart Chakra- Source of Love

Video 4th Chakra

The throat Chakra= Communicating Personal Truth

Video 5th Energy Center

The 6th Energy Center = 

Audio 6th Chakra Meditation Ability to "SEE" and create a vision

For this section, there is no additional Yoga video.  This audio is a guided meditation to open and support the flow of energy into the 6th Energy Center.  The audio asks you to begin in Crocodile pose and then lay on either side and then end in Easy Pose.  Have a look at the attached teaching on Crocodile Pose before listening and doing the Meditation.  

Here are a few options:


The 7th Energy Center- Connection to Universe and Consciousness  WISDOM

Video 7th energy Center.

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