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Private  Naturopathic Coaching Sessions

  with Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

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Private and Personal

Throughout the 8-week Online Guided Program weekly 1 hour sessions are offered to help you integrate all the information into your life.  You may discuss any issue that is causing you to feel stuck in your life and we will incorporate into the experiential sessions.

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Its not enough just to read or listen to something, you have to experience change.  You have to be able to move from the place where you only "talk' about issues or be told what to do to fix them to the space where you experience a deep, profound connection to your inner guidance and healing initution .  I walk you though this process with you in our online consultations.

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Being committed to a program such as this and regular sessions allows you to walk a different path of healing.  Healing is not easy and we all too often default to old predictable patterns of coping.  When you have someone guiding and supporting you to make the tough changes that need to be made... you can count on success with much more reliability.

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