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One to One Private Coaching

Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

Personalized 1 hour Sessions to provide an "experiential" based coaching session to help you discover your own unique abilities to heal yourself.    We all spend so much time "in our head", processing, ruminating, worrying, being self-critical which causes too many stress hormones and chemicals to overload our bodies.   The skill of getting out of our head and "into our body" is a fundamental step towards slowing the inflammation caused by stress and turning on the body's natural mechanisms to heal.  These coaching sessions help you to privately and personally discover your own unique way to achieve and practise this skill in the context of your own healing.

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Guided Online Program

by Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

An 8 week program available through your own private membership site.  Each of 8 teaching video based- modules empowers you with the NEW research based science of stress so you can RECOGNIZE what is happening in your body due to stress.  The exercises, and videos will teach you a specialized method of Yoga and Meditation to discover how you can simply and easily reset your body and TURN OFF the stress response multiple times a day as you are having diffculty.  Finally, this program is designed to go along with 8-Private One on One Coaching sessions to help you assimilate all this information into you life.  These are purchased separately at at your convenience. 

Who is this for?:   Anyone who has come to the place where they know that diet, exercise, supplements and medicine are simply not enough to radically change their health status.   This program is for anyone who is ready to make a commitment to "change their brain", and embark on a deep journey of personal growth and healing old wounds.  This mental/emotional/spiritual work provides a basis for allowing the improvements made by diet, lifestyle current medications and supplements to be GREATLY enhanced.  


Motivational Health Speaking and Workshops

with Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

  An overview of some of the latest research on Stress and how it connects to both physical and mental illness is presented by slide show presentation.  This is followed by a practical skills training on how to alleviate stress using techniques to balance the nervous system.    Each participant can volunteer to be tested and shown the practical application of using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a daily measurement and tool to overcome stress using the tools from HearthMath.    Specialized mindfulness and breathing exercises will be demonstrated and and a FREE smartphone app will be promoted to continue the daily practice.  

Who is this for?   This workshop is for corporate or workplace groups who want to improve the productivity, cognitive ability and drastically reduce the stress of day to day work.  This workshop can also be tailored to students (college or high school) who are feeling overwhelmed by meeting the demands of everyday stress and suffering burnout.  

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