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Welcome to the Program.  I am delighted you are here and very excited to be a guide to you on your journey to more wellness, more happiness and more ease.

No two pathways to healing will look the same.  Everyone will have their own twists and turns, "ah ha' moments, breaking points and breakthroughs.  As seen by the enormous amount of therapies, treatments, and doctors out there and people claiming cures, there are endless ways to heal. 

This is not a program to dig deep into the pathophysiology of any certain disease process.  It's not a course in understanding what has gone so wrong that your body is revolting. You have an MD to monitor your disease and tell you where you stand.   I understand the relief when you have a name for something, a diagnosis, a description for your group of symptoms that otherwise would just make you feel like you're losing your mind.  But I think that can be a false security when you place your trust in a name of a disease and then go looking for the "anti" disease solution.  Its a never-ending cycle of uncovering more problems.  

So... give me a bit of time to convince you.  You don't' have to buy in all at once.  Let me show you what it means to say "Yes" to health as opposed to "NO" to your disease.  They are two completely different things.  One is based in fear and will perpetuate the fight or flight reaction in your body and the other is based on love, peace, joy and release.  Which would you like more of in your life?   Me too.   :)  

So,  deal?  If you need to analyze your disease, do any testing, get any necessary medications (because #1 rule of working with me is that you must always follow sound medical advice)  see your doctor.  If you want to work on your healing, spend your time here. 

If you can allow yourself to say "yes" to more of whatever comes to you and makes you feel good and simply turn your nose away to anything that makes you feel bad, you will move quickly through the restoration process.  If you focus your energy to fight the negative you will grow weary quickly.   

Over my years of having numerous treatments, training in numerous therapies and studying with the leaders and guru's, my summation of the #1 thing they all have in common is that :

NO healing will happen until you can be present in THIS moment, grounded, safe, and at ease enough to have ACCESS to that deep healing potential that lies within each of us.  It is HUGE and magnificent, but it is nearly impossible to ignite when you are in any kind of fear.    Your body just doesn't care about healing deep wounds, because essentially you are running for your life.  

So my promise to you with this course, it not that I can "fix you" in 8 weeks. 

My promise, if you will allow me, is that I can give you the essential tools to set yourself up to allow your own intelligent healing to work miracles in you.  Medicines can wipe out bad bacteria, force inflammation to stop, kill a cancer cell, remove a tumor, put an arm back together, etc.  But there is no pill for healing.  Your body will always have to turn on genes for repair and create healthy tissue.  Deepak Chopra reminds us that we have an entirely new body in 1 year.   In 1 year's time, every cell in our body has been regenerated and recreated.  Imagine who you could be in 1 year's time?   But your Inner healing mechanisms simply cannot get "turned on" while you are in FEAR and the stress that living in these emotions brings.  

So I want to show you how to recognize this fear and slow it down enough for your own inner guidance to show you your next steps.   This program is about how to actually recognize when you are in fear, understand what that looks like for you personally.  It would be nice if you could have a bright red light on the end of your nose light up when your fight or flight system was turned on.  Though we don't' have that, but we do have a sense of whether we feel good or not.   

So let's follow that as much as possible.  If you feel good, great....follow that.  If you feel bad, wait, check your map, check your directions, make a legal U-turn somewhere and get on a different route.  Don't fight where you are, just get on a different path ASAP.  

So let's dive into the science of how our nervous system works.  This is important because it will help you recognize what your body is telling you and how to get yourself out of the fight or flight response.  Approach this as an owner's manual so you can understand the function and the purpose of why you feel the way you do.    

Pace yourself, take your time...learn what you can.  Take breaks, reflect, do Yoga and meditate.  And Please do not be afraid to connect to me WHENEVER you need or have questions.  This is not an information upload to your brain... this is a process of learning, self-discovery personal growth and ultimately, change.  

If you are ever stuck, not sure, frustrated, feeling like you want to quit, reach out!  The number 1 strength of this style of program is that you can get daily support.  Please use it.  

I look forward to meeting you and connecting to you in the Facebook Group and calls.   

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