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Transform the Stress That Fuels Disease

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Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND offers the education, guidance and treatment you need when you realize how stress in your current life, or from past trauma is fueling your disease or life situation.  If you've done the therapy, changed your diet, done the cleanses, removed the toxins, avoided the allergens, and invested in the supplements and you still aren't enjoying freedom from disease, then you need to address the deep layer of stress that is holding you back.  Stress from your present life, or from old traumas, consumes the energy you need to heal.

" When you have the tools to release the toxic emotions trapped in your body from unresolved past trauma you will be free to heal faster than you ever thought possible"  --Dr. Amanda Ferris, ND

 Private Consultations

 People with any background who are on the journey to recover from trauma, optimize their response to stress, and live a more free mental/emotional and physical life can benefit from this approach. 

What you will learn in the Book/Workshop/Consultation

 A detailed explanation of how stress is perceived and processed in the brain using a detailed explanation of Dr .Dan Seigel MD’s hand model of the brain.  Examples of how stress sabotages our thinking and a practical overview of how to tame the animal brain is outlined.


Defining and recognizing the Fight/Flight/Freeze response in relation to your own life experience.  A deeper understanding of how to better regulate the mind and body. 


A map of how the autonomic nervous system operates will be drawn to see the full picture of how and why we feel the way we do.  A practical exercise of relating this to your own life is done as a group exercise.  All responses are for private reflection.  

Polyvagal Theory

Understanding how trauma affects the nervous system.  Dr. Stephen Porge’s Polyvagal Theory is explained simply in terms of what is relevant for helping participants to better motivate their own daily self-care. 

Vagus Nerve

An extensive overview of one of the most important nerves in our body, the Vagus Nerve.  The anatomy and function is described and a detailed look at how to increase Vagal tone for optimal autonomic nervous system balance is outlined.

Heart Math Biofeedback

The evidence-based techniques from the Heart Math organization are an excellent way to put all this information together into a practical daily work to retrain the nervous system and take back your control over feeling overwhelmed.

Benefits of the Address Your Stress Workshop


"Amanda's presentation to our school staff was both educational and practical.  Her information regarding stress and it's affects on both children and adults is researched-based, and she provides practical strategies for both the classroom and for all participants in this engaging workshop.  I highly recommend Amanda's workshops to anyone or any organization that faces the challenges that stress can bring in the workplace or in school."  Brian Beney - Elementary School Principal

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Dr. Chris Sowton

Dr. Amanda is such a guide. Her compassion and wide-ranging experience enable her to accompany people on a journey of growth and change. She is more than a doctor, she is an expert at teaching and sharing practices that can open the way to healing and the return to wholeness.

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It wasn’t until shortly after we met that I saw the true capabilities of Dr. Amanda. I was diagnosed with a critical illness that turned my life upside down. I come from a very loving and supportive family but there were some things I didn’t want to burden them with, so I leaned heavily on Dr. Amanda. She always greeted me with open arms and an open heart. I was able to share my fears and sadness with her and she always listened to me without judgement. Dr. Amanda responds with truth and compassion. She heard things that were unsaid and always guided me to the answers I needed to hear. She helped me get through the most difficult time in my life and continues to help me on my journey of ups and downs. Thank you Amanda. 

Lori D.

After being sick with auto-immune issues for over three decades this is the FIRST program that has made a difference.  A difference in my sleep, anxiety, bodily aches and general well being -- with no gimmicks, no supplements and no add-ons to buy. 

Linda S

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